Winning: Flying Paper Software

When the Mac App Store launched, it launched with unDock, written by (me) under the guise of Flying Paper Software. It was (and is) a hit - one of the top 25 overall selling applications in the Mac App Store.

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unDock - Simple is often best

The App

I had a goal in 2010: write and sell an application. I wanted to understand what it took to launch a product, start to finish. The Mac App Store was announced at the tail end of the same year and, well, I had an idea for a simple application.

I spent the Christmas break planning, designing, writing code, and finally, making a desperate attempt at a product website. I was floored by the response and subsequent success.

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Best Seller


Perhaps the single biggest surprise with launching unDock was the press. Immediately on launch, Lifehacker wrote about unDock, kicking of a nearly endless round of press hits:

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