Winning: Apple

A good friend, Dave Delong, pressured me endlessly to at least entertain an interview at Apple. In 2014, I finally broke down and agreed. I've not looked back!

Secrecy - It means I can't say much about my job

iCloud Client

I work for the the iOS Apps and Frameworks team with a particular focus on the iCloud clients. I've worked on iCloud / iTunes backup and restore and CloudKit during my time at Apple. I've lightly touched many other projects in the iOS world as well, mostly in relation to iCloud client work.


I've loved my time at this company. I've been challenged with solving complex problems, modernizing code bases, implementing continuous integration, driving a test-driven culture, juggled multiple concurrent releases, and managed relationships between products and teams. The people I've worked with are simply amazing - both in intelligence and character.


I work predominantly with Objective C and C at Apple, though we've begun incorporating Swift into some of our projects. I work almost exclusively with iOS, though there is enough exposure to macOS, tvOS, and watchOS to keep the teeth sharp.