How to Eradicate Hate

Hate is real and present in both my world and yours. We hear talk about its impact on the news each day. Unfortunately, there isn't much »


The world can be a terrible place and it seems to be growing more terrible with each passing day. It feels like the aged can finally »

Welcome to Ghost

First, I switched to Wordpress. Immediately, I hated it (it's bloated), but I couldn't find anything else worth switching to. Finally, something came along that is »

Self Preservation

As I’ve grown older I’ve noticed that the rate of personal injuries and accidents has dropped somewhat dramatically. I’ve learned from hard experience »

Politics: Aftermath

I apologize up front. I tried to make it clear in the title that this was a politically-oriented post. You can leave now if you fear »

BYOD Fusion

Apple, at their September press bonanza, told the world about their new, hybrid approach to storage: Fusion. It’s a marriage of an SSD (Solid State »