Fact-checking the Fact Checkers

MoodleRooms posted a great comparison and analysis of some core LMS features. I spotted some inaccuracies and started a little conversation on Twitter. Unfortunately, it’s »

The Value of a College Education

As we discuss higher education, the most significant question we’re attempting to answer in this decade is, very simply: What is the value of a »

Moving On...

My last day at Instructure was just a little over two weeks ago now. It was a hard day, saying goodbye to the wonderful friendships I’ »


Nearly two years ago, I was in the thick of working at Mozy, the cloud storage and backup company. If you’re curious about my time »

Thanksgiving Fallout

Take a look at the domain name. Combine that with one of my personal mottos: “Work hard, play hard”. You now have a pretty good picture »

ESXi, Old Hardware, and You

ESXi 5.0 was released a short while ago. I run a small datacenter in my basement, some of which is virtualized using ESXi. The hardware »